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1433 N Main Ave, Scranton, PA 18508-1822

Scranton, pa
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Reviewed October 29

Entertaining Evening!!

My husband and I had a great time at Haunted! an event held weekly at the Houdini Museum. Dick Brookz and Dorothy Dietrich put alot of effort and enthusiasm into the evening. From the beginning,both are very pleasant and welcoming. The show is full of magic, mystery and suspense that are sure to keep you interested. The event lasted for approximately 4.5 hours with a brief intermission. Snacks were served including pizza, drinks and cookies. Overall, we were impressed and could not believe that this has been in our backyard for 6 years and never knew it! We would certainly recommend it!

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Reviewed May 8

Paranormal show scared this believer!

This was an extraordinary experience to say the least. My daughter (14) and I went to Scranton last summer for the American Idol concert and had tickets to see the Paranormal show on the night before the concert. Having absolutely no preconceived notions of the place, I can say that the building itself is enough to give you the creeps. We were ushered in through the back door (previous reviewer noted the shaky steps), and I was immediately impressed by the absolute lack of predictability in that place. There was Houdini memorabilia EVERYWHERE and the rooms were dark and ominous for sure. The main seating area was a very intimate setting in a larger room in the middle of the building. Plenty more of the Houdini stuff hanging about and seating for about 20 to 25. The group started to coalesce and it consisted of a heterogenous group of men, women, gays, straights, old and young. (My daughter the youngest for sure.) The presenters were (Dorothy and an older man, forget his name).This gentleman proceeded to capture our attention with one "paranormal" exhibit after another. There was a history to the place which involved a murder or two and the show evolved into a seance with the gentleman "channeling" a man named Walter. I saw things with my own eyes that were nothing short of Hollywood ghosts in action. Chandelier swayed, things flew off a table in front of me, and a tamborine started playing on its own. The evening culminated into a seance in the dark where people actually were screaming and one couple left as the young lady was saying that someone was touching her! I got myself and my daughter out of there and never looked back. It was inarguably authentic and not for the faint of heart. You will believe, if you can handle it.

White Haven, Pennsylvania
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Reviewed October 26

Definitely Worth it!!

They put on a terrific show for us using the power of telepathy and all kinds of cool unexplained tricks. The seance was very cool and very active. Didnt seem real, but was none the less still very scary and fun! Plus they give you free pizza during intermission. Great people, great entertainment!

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Reviewed July 26,

Thrills and Laughs at the Houdini Museum

If you are in the Scranton area or visiting the Poconos, you should make a point of visiting the Houdini Museum. The collection of Houdini material is overflowing with amazing memorabilia. Our group of about 16 was guided from room to room stopping by posters, photos and actual props to hear stories about the life of the famous magician. Following the tour, our two hosts presented a 90 minute fast paced magic show geared as Family Entertainment. This is a fun and entertaining afternoon for the whole family. I came back in the evening to see their Seance and Mentalism show, "Haunted." Aimed at a more adult crowd, this was (in my opinion) an even better experience. The show lasted over 3 1/2 hours with an intermission that included free refreshments and pizza. The highlight for me was a full blackout seance where barely visible ghosts floated through the audience. A terrific show by two enormously talented performers! Highly recommended.

Poconos, PA
Reviewed July 18


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My husband and I had great time at the Haunted Psychic Show at the Houdini Museum in Scranton, PA. The show starts at 8 pm and ends around midnight. Makes a great Saturday night date! You can expect to be history, spooky haunted house where a murder and 2 other deaths occurred. ESP, bending keys and pennies with the mind, and a in-the-dark seance. Dorothy and Dick Brooks were fabulous! GO!! You'll enjoy it for sure!

Tarpon Springs, FL
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Reviewed August 7

Psychic Theater at the Houdini Museum was spellbinding

All I can say is if you have ever wanted to experience the paranormal, if your relatives ever described an experience, or if you just wanted to experience what is shown on the ghost investigator programs, this is the attraction for you. I was surprised my wife agreed to go to the event, as she is afraid of haunted rides at amusement parks and during Halloween haunted hayrides. The experience was terrifying. I got what I went there for and more. Would I go back again? Hell NO. That should say it all. The men in the room were more terrified than the women I think. The brochure states, "Not for the faint of heart. No pacemakers." Do not disregard those warnings. Expect to be out late, the seance did not get into the meat of the matter until eleven and went on past midnight. It was a stormy night, to add to the atmosphere.

Psychic Theater
1433 N. Main Ave., Scranton
(570) 383-9297
I-81exit 190 (Main Ave), Left 2 miles.
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